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Since attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I've enjoyed steady employment as a nonfiction researcher-writer and copy-editor.

My work in fiction represents a return to my roots. My first writing successes came as an essayist offering novel perspectives on the human condition. In my books, I explore the same types of issues, but within the grander tapestry afforded by rich characters and intricate settings.








I've got hypergraphia, an overwhelming need to write/produce documentation, which is why a simple novel I set out to write fifteen years ago has morphed into a thirty-volume series, with several unrelated series, some screenplays, and some (not very good) songs completed along the way. There's no cure, but I wouldn't want it, anyway. The hypergraphia is the foundation upon which I've built both my professional and my private lives. There are, however, days when I wish I could turn it off for a little while.

Even when I set out to accomplish a simple task with pen or computer, it never ends up being simple. Making the grocery list is hell because the things I add to it will inexplicably present themselves in my mind as props in never-before-envisioned scenes in novels and stories that I have to go write. Who has time to go to the grocery store when there are scenes that have to be written? That trip to Super Fresh and back feels as long and tortuous as The
Odyssey, and God help the person who gets in my way. Except I would never hurt children. Or senior citizens. Look, old lady in front of me at the register plumbing the depths of your purse for exact change, just close that clasp, get out of my way, and I will put it on my debit card. Move it, Granny! I type while I cook, ruthlessly hurling potatoes into both pots and scenes.

For all the amazing hours the writing has given me, there've been moments I've screamed inside, "Help! I'm writing, and I can't shut up!" I can't scream it aloud. I can't trust myself not to remove a limb from anyone who might attempt to pry my hand from pen or keyboard.



Writing Awards:

First Place: TheNextBigWriter 2006 Novel Award

First Place: Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship Fund
Esssay Contest, 1982

First Place: Cumberland County, North Carolina, Brotherhood
Essay Contest, 1982

Other Writing Accomplishments:

Semifinalist: The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, 2008



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